Van der Waals Heteroepitaxial AZO/NiO/AZO/Muscovite (ANA/muscovite) Transparent Flexible Memristor

Van-Qui Le, Thi-Hien Do, Jose Ramon Duran Retamal, Pao-Wen Shao, Yu-Hong Lai, Wen-Wei Wu, Jr-Hau He, Yu-Lun Chueh, Ying-Hao Chu

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Multifunctional electronics featuring optical transparency, portability, mechanical flexibility, light-weight and environment-friendly are of great demands for next-generation smart electronics. Memristor represents one of the important chains in next-generation devices as the information computing and storage component. Here, we design the transparent flexible structure based on van der Waals heteroepitaxial AZO/NiO/AZO/muscovite (ANA/muscovite) for a memristor application. The (ANA/muscovite) memristor satisfies all the hardest requirements of a transparent soft device such as optical transparency over 80% in visible light and high performance with a ON/OFF resistance ratio >105, stable endurance to 103 cycles and long retention time of 105 s. In addition, the ANA/muscovite memristor can work at various bending radii down to 5 mm, a mechanical bending after 1000 cycles at a curvature with a radius of 6.5 mm and a high temperature up to 185 °C, which deliver a pathway for future applications in flexible transparent smart electronics.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)322-329
Number of pages8
JournalNano Energy
StatePublished - Oct 23 2018


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