LeafGo: Leaf to Genome, a quick workflow to produce high-quality de novo plant genomes using long-read sequencing technology.

Patrick Driguez, Salim Bougouffa, Karen Carty, Alexander Putra, Kamel Jabbari, Muppala P. Reddy, Richard Willem Otto Soppe, Ming Sin Cheung, Yoshinori Fukasawa, Luca Ermini

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  • LeafGo - Eucalyptus and Peanut genome sequencing

    Driguez, P. (Creator), Bougouffa, S. (Creator), Carty, K. (Creator), Putra, A. (Creator), Jabbari, K. (Creator), Reddy, M. P. (Creator), Soppe, R. W. O. (Creator), Cheung, M. S. (Creator), Fukasawa, Y. (Creator), Ermini, L. (Creator), Driguez, P. (Creator), Carty, K. (Creator) & Fukasawa, Y. (Creator), NCBI, Nov 5 2020