Asymmetric Three-Component Heck/Amination of Nonconjugated Cyclodienes.

Jianrong Steve Zhou, Daoyong Zhu, Yonggui Robin Chi, Zhiwei Jiao, Theo Goncalves, Kuo-Wei Huang

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Asymmetric Heck/amination of nonconjugated cyclodienes proceeds to give substituted cyclohexenylamines in good enantioselectivity and exclusive trans configurations. Substituted chiral cyclohexylamines are becoming increasingly important in drug discovery. Suitable amines in this reaction include primary and secondary anilines, indoline and benzylamines. A weakly-donating diphosphite, Kelliphite forms a deep unsymmetrical pocket, which is essential for stereoselective anti-attack of external amines.


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