Seismic Experiment at North Arizona To Locate Washington Fault - 3D Field Test

  • Sherif M. Hanafy (Creator)
  • Shengdong Lui (Creator)
  • Xin Wang (Creator)
  • Wei Dai (Creator)
  • Joost van der Neut (Creator)
  • Bandar Ismail Ghassal (Creator)
  • Qiong Wu (Creator)



    No. of receivers in the inline direction: 80,
    Number of lines: 6,
    Receiver Interval: 1 m near the fault, 2 m away from the fault (Receivers 1 to 12 at 2 m intervals, receivers 12 to 51 at 1 m intervals, and receivers 51 to 80 at 2 m intervals),
    No. of shots in the inline direction: 40,
    Shot interval: 2 and 4 m (every other receiver location). Data Recording

    The data are recorded using two Bison equipment, each is 120 channels. We shot at all 240 shot locations and simultaneously recorded seismic traces at receivers 1 to 240 (using both Bisons), then we shot again at all 240 shot locations and we recorded at receivers 241 to 480.

    The data is rearranged to match the receiver order shown in Figure 3 where receiver 1 is at left-lower corner, receivers increase to 80 at right lower corner, then receiver 81 is back to left side at Y = 1.5 m, etc.
    Date made availableOct 2008
    PublisherDryad Digital Repository

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