Research data supporting "Design of Experiment Optimization of Aligned Polymer Thermoelectrics Doped by Ion-Exchange"

  • Iain Mcculloch (Creator)
  • Yuxuan Huang (Creator)
  • Dionisius Hardjo Lukito Tjhe (Creator)
  • Ian Jacobs (Creator)
  • Xuechen Jiao (Creator)
  • Qiao He (Creator)
  • Martin Statz (Creator)
  • Xinglong Ren (Creator)
  • Xinyi Huang (Creator)
  • Martin Heeney (Creator)
  • Christopher R. McNeill (Creator)
  • Henning Sirringhaus (Creator)


Date made availableNov 9 2021
PublisherApollo - University of Cambridge Repository

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