Molecular mechanisms of Enterobacter sp. SA187 induced thermotolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana

  • Kirti Shekhawat (Creator)
  • Maged Saad (Creator)
  • Arsheed Hussain Sheikh (Creator)
  • Kiruthiga Mariappan (Creator)
  • Henda Al-Mahmoudi (Creator)
  • fatimah abdulhakim (Creator)
  • Abdul Aziz Eida (Creator)
  • Rewaa S. Jalal (Creator)
  • Khaled Masmoudi (Creator)
  • Heribert Hirt (Creator)
  • Henda Al-Mahmoudi (Creator)
  • Khaled Masmoudi (Creator)
  • Henda Al-Mahmoudi (Creator)
  • Khaled Masmoudi (Creator)



Global warming and heat stress belong to the most critical environmental challenges to agriculture worldwide, causing severe losses of major crop yields. In present study we report that the endophytic bacterium Enterobacter sp. SA187 protects Arabidopsis thaliana to heat stress. To understand the mechanisms at molecular level we performed RNA-seq Overall design: mRNA seq to elucidate the SA187 mediated thermotolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana inoculated with entrobacter sp SA187
Date made availableMar 16 2021

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