Microbial communities of wheat plants inoculated with endophytic bacterium Enterobacter sp. SA187

  • Kirti Shekhawat (Creator)
  • Maged Saad (Creator)
  • Arsheed Hussain Sheikh (Creator)
  • Kiruthiga Mariappan (Creator)
  • Henda Al-Mahmoudi (Creator)
  • fatimah abdulhakim (Creator)
  • Abdul Aziz Eida (Creator)
  • Rewaa S. Jalal (Creator)
  • Khaled Masmoudi (Creator)
  • Heribert Hirt (Creator)
  • Henda Al-Mahmoudi (Creator)
  • Khaled Masmoudi (Creator)
  • Henda Al-Mahmoudi (Creator)
  • Khaled Masmoudi (Creator)



Global warming has become a critical challenge to food safety, causing severe yield losses of major crops worldwide. Here, we report that the endophytic bacterium Enterobacter sp. SA187 induces thermotolerance of crops in a sustainable manner. Microbiome diversity of wheat plants is positively influenced by SA187 in open field agriculture, indicating that beneficial microbes can be a powerful tool to enhance agriculture in open field agriculture. Overall design: We examined the effect the SA187 inoculation on the root endosphere microbiome of wheat plant growing under desert farming condition.
Date made availableMar 16 2021

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